At Calvary Chapel University we don’t just seek to teach academics, we want to infuse those academics with a biblical worldview. Superior academics is an essential of what we do as a University, but if we do not integrate the Bible into those academics we have failed to achieve our goal. It is important to consider the role that they biblical worldview plays in long lasting and impactful Christian education!

A Biblical worldview is based on a deep belief in the truths of Scripture! It begins with an understanding that God created the heavens and the earth and created all of mankind in His own image, and it recognizes that humans live in a sinful state apart from Christ and are in need of redemption! This understanding of the Gospel filters the way we see all other areas of life! Morality, society, government, the arts, sciences, history every other thing we study in academia is impacted by our belief in the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Although many  prestigious universities in the world today were founded on these Christian principles, they have allowed their belief in the Bible to slip away in favor of convoluted academic arguments, in some cases even seeking to discredit the Biblical narrative altogether. As Christians, it is so important to choose an educational institution that honors and celebrates Biblical values. A biblical worldview instills the values of Scripture into the way we view the rest of the world and it is vital to living out the Christian faith. Christian education that imparts a biblical worldview prepares students not just for a career, but to pursue God’s purposes in all areas of life!

So as you consider Calvary Chapel University, or any other institution for higher learning, make sure that a biblical worldview is the foundation for your education! Has the Lord called you into ministry? At Calvary Chapel University we offer a fully online university to encourage you in your ministry calling by allowing you to pursue ministry while attending a Christian college. For more information visit