It happens every year… gym memberships increase 1000%, trash cans are full of holiday treats and salad buying is at an all-time high! The New Year results in job searching sites being populated with thousands of people looking for a change in their life, new hobbies are born and goals are set for the next year. Unfortunately, we all know the reality, that these New Year’s commitments and resolutions are often temporary and fleeting at best. In fact, often on January 5th we notice friends and family already dropping off from the commitments that they have made. With that in mind let us offer you 3 commitments that we think would revolutionize your life in 2024!

  1. Read God’s Word

Make a commitment to soak yourself in the Word of God this year! We know that the Word of God is different than any other book, it is powerful and able to penetrate into our hearts and transform and conform us into the image of Jesus! Make a commitment to spend more time in God’s Word in 2024! There are so many great tools for this available but may we suggest one called the Fighter Verses App (IOS, Google) it will actually help you memorize scripture with dozens of different tools including quizzes, songs, images you can save as the screen lock on your phone and many more! Wouldn’t it be a great commitment to not just read the Bible, but to memorize portions of God’s Word in 2024?

  1. Spend Time With Other Followers Of Jesus

Community is one of the major keys to following Jesus passionately. We were not meant to do life alone, we were designed to be in relationship with others and with Jesus! Because of this we should look for ways to surround ourselves with more Christian community in 2024! Church is an essential component of this, and if you don’t belong to a local church you need to find one to be a part of! But apart from church, we must ask ourselves who are the people in our lives who are encouraging us in our walk with Christ? We must also ask ourselves, are we encouraging other people in our lives to spend more time with Jesus and to follow Him more faithfully? Don’t miss out on the relationships God has designed you to thrive in!

  1. Look For Opportunities To Grow Your Ministry

As followers of Jesus we know that we are called to reach the world with the Gospel, to give hope to those who have no hope and to declare the good news of the love of Jesus Christ! So, in 2024 we should be looking for ways to be more effective in the calling that God has on our life! Here at Calvary Chapel University, we desire to be the helper of your joy, and part of that means that we desire to help you become equipped and to grow in the ministry calling that God has for you! If you would like to grow your ministry and receive training, we would love to invite you to be part of one of our University! At Calvary Chapel University we offer a fully online university to encourage you in your ministry calling by allowing you to pursue ministry while attending a Christian college.

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