During the Christmas season churches have a unique opportunity to reach out and connect with their communities. Christmas, a time of joy, reflection, and togetherness, offers the perfect  opportunity to welcome the communities around us into the family of the church!

Here are three impactful ways churches can engage and bring cheer to their neighborhoods during this special time of the year.

  1. Make A Big Deal About The Story Of Jesus

It may seem unnecessary to tell churches to go all out with their Christmas services but that’s exactly what we want to do! Let’s make a big deal about the story of Jesus who came to bring redemption to the world! Make sure that your community knows about your Christmas services! Christmas is one of the only times each year where people are interested in being invited to church because they want to celebrate Christmas! Most people will come to church if someone invites them, so make sure your church invites your community to celebrate Jesus with you in whatever way you and your congregation celebrate!

  1. Serve The Community

As a church look for an opportunity to serve the people in your neighborhood! Organizing food drives, warm clothing collections, and toy drives for those in need not only provides tangible help but also brings the community together for a common cause. Partnering with local shelters or charities to host a Christmas meal for the homeless or less fortunate is another way to spread warmth and kindness. These activities not only address immediate needs but also demonstrate the church’s commitment to caring for everyone in the community. These opportunities often lead to chances to share the true meaning of Christmas, and lead someone to know Jesus!

  1. Be Sensitive To Those Who Are Struggling

The holiday season, while joyous for many, can be a difficult time for some. Churches can offer support through small groups, holiday parties for those who are alone, prayer groups, or simply by being a welcoming space for those seeking peace during this time. Try to think of ways you can serve people in the midst of this time when it is difficult and point them to Jesus!

Rejoice! Jesus has come let’s celebrate that this Christmas season!

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