One of the hardest parts of doing ministry is having to consistently walk through trials in people’s lives and help them, navigate church issues and live your own life with its problems all at the same time. We do it, because we love the Lord and we desire to serve Him wholeheartedly! However, in the process we often find ourselves empty, depleted and looking for rest. In those moments ministers need people to minister to them and that is why having a community that supports you in your ministry is so important. It can be hard to find that community for pastors, particularly because it is often not something the church body he shepherds can provide for him. That’s why at Calvary Chapel University we are so deeply committed to building community among people who are serving the Lord in ministry. We are not designed to do this alone, and as you pursue your degree with Calvary Chapel University you will form lifelong friendships with others who are pursuing ministry, studying the Bible and desire to reach the world with the Gospel!

Here are three ways to find community and provide community for other people in ministry:

  1. Find Other People In Your Community Who Are Doing Ministry!

The church should never be in competition, we are united together as the Church of Jesus Christ to reach our communities with the good news of the gospel. So find other people in your community who are doing this and meet with them on a regular basis! This can be incredibly effective not only in partnering together to reach your community, but having a sounding board to rely on and to help you navigate ministry life! You will be amazed how easy it is to connect with other pastors by simply inviting them to lunch or coffee, all of us need a friend!

  1. Look For Online Communities That Support People In Ministry!

There are countless podcasts and resources to help us in ministry, and this can help us find community groups through social media of like-minded ministry people to connect with. Don’t discount the benefit of coming alongside others who understand what you are going through and how to support and encourage you in those moments. Ministry is a unique thing in the sense that really only others who are involved in it can understand the challenges and heartache that come from it. Being a part of a Calvary Chapel University class may be a way for you to connect to other pastors!

  1. Find A Pastor’s Conference And Go To It!

There are dozens of pastor’s conferences held all over the United States every year and chances are there is one close to you coming up soon! There is a beauty in coming to those times of refreshing studying God’s Word and not having to be in charge of anything that is going on! Find one of these events and be engaged with it! Talk to the people around you and you will soon find friends that will form community around you to support you! Again, ministry is not a solo sport we need people around us in our church to support what the Lord is doing, but we also can use people around us who are not involved in the day-to-day of our church to encourage us and point us to Jesus during the hard times! Conferences can be a great way to connect to people and form those the bonds of Christian fellowship!

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