The final note has faded on that incredible Easter song that always stirs our hearts and points our eyes to Christ as we sing the anthem loudly, “He is risen! In the aftermath of the Super Bowl for every church team, how do we do a good job of continuing momentum for our church families after the high point of Easter?

  1. Follow Up With Guests

We often talk about the CEO’s of church attendance, Christmas and Easter Only. The reality is many people will come to our churches on Easter for the first time, or perhaps the only time this year. It is important that we ask our church to invite their friends to come and hear the gospel on Easter! We also need to help them follow up with their friends by inviting them back to get connected to the church. Remember that one of the keys to helping people connect to the church is that they can feel like they belong even before they believe! Perhaps it’s time to examine how your church handles follow up with guests and how they are encouraged to return. Making the congregation part of this process is helpful, remind them that if they invited someone to church for Easter they should follow up and ask if they have any questions, and invite them to come again on another Sunday! There are many excellent resources for church follow up available make sure your church is using one of them

  1. Invite Your Church Family To Participate

Our congregations are energized by all the activity around Easter! This is a great time to invite our congregation to participate in the life and work of the church. Oftentimes people don’t get involved in the church because they don’t feel like there’s a place for them to serve, or because nobody has ever asked them. Invite the people in your church to make the Great Commission their personal mission, and ask them to consider serving in your ministry in a way that is meaningful and helpful to the mission of the church! Everybody is excited that Jesus is alive and that excitement leads to a deeper commitment to serving Him!

  1. Continue To Preach The Gospel

Jesus is still alive on the Monday after Easter! Although Easter is the perfect time to give an invitation for people to put their faith and trust in Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins, we need to be sharing this truth on a regular basis! In the Calvary Chapel movement we are very focused on the verse by verse teaching and that is an incredible resource in the life of the believers, however we must never forget in order to grow in Christ people must first be in Christ! Continue to make the gospel a part of your service so that more people can come to a saving knowledge of Jesus! Don’t save the invitation for a special occasion, make it an open and repeating invitation for those attending your church!

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