Dr. Pete Goodman is a member of the faculty at Calvary Chapel University and the Executive Pastor of Rise City Church in Lakeside California, a suburb of San Diego.

Among the most difficult issues people often have with the Bible is the way in which is appears to support the of institution of slavery. The Old Testament Law makes clear allowances for it, Jesus often spoke about slaves without ever condemning the practice, and some New Testament authors, like Paul even seemed to go as far as to encourage the behavior, blatantly calling for slaves to submit to their masters and forcing a runaway slave to return to the very household that held him in bondage.

So what are we to make of this apparent contradiction, an evil, dehumanizing institution being not only present, but openly discussed and referred to in the Scriptures without ever once blatantly calling it out for the sin and wickedness we all know it to be today? Isn’t this all the proof anyone needs to simply reject any and all claims of the Bible being the inspired word of a truly good and moral God?


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