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Programs Offered:

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Institutional Program Objectives

Spiritual Objective: Students will grow in their knowledge and understanding of God’s Word and develop a relationship with God that motivates them to serve God and love others.

Institutional Learning Outcomes (Spiritual)

  • Biblical Knowledge
    • Students will demonstrate biblical proficiency by reading, interpreting, analyzing, and applying the principles of God’s Word to their lives as they fulfill assignments, participate in discussions, and reflect through personal journal responses.
  • Christian Character
    • Students will identify godly character through the study of God’s Word and apply the principles to their lives as they share the love of Christ with others.

Academic Objective: Students will study to show themselves approved through successfully meeting the academic requirements established by the university.


Institutional Learning Outcomes (Academic)

  • Think Critically
    • Throughout the curriculum, students will develop critical thinking skills by constructing knowledge and applying concepts to real-life while analyzing and evaluating the effectiveness of content learned.
  • Communicate Effectively
    • Students will innovate, collaborate, and communicate by:
      • Formulating critical thinking and writing skills
      • Demonstrating technology proficiency
      • Implementing other media without regard for national boundaries or cultural differences
      • Utilizing information literacy skills.