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WELCOME!  We have been PRAYING for YOU!

We are delighted you are here!!

“Where God guides, God provides.”

-Chuck Smith

Calvary Chapel University is dedicated to helping students gain access to Christian higher education, especially those who would be unable to attend CCU without aid. It is our desire to provide scholarships to students with demonstrated need, within the limits of the University’s resources.

With this goal in mind, Calvary Chapel University holds to the following scholarship philosophy:

  • We will partner with the student and his or her family to arrange a scholarship for the student’s education, using the individuals resources, the family’s resources, and CCU’s resources.
  • Demonstrated need will be measured by a consistent and equitable need-analysis system. To be fair to all students seeking a scholarship, need must be based objectively on a family’s scholarship resources — that is, on their ability to pay, not their willingness to pay.
  • Special circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and we use our professional judgement to determine when adjustments can be made.

By the numbers at CCU:

  • 100% ONLINE serving all 50 states, 195 countries on 6 of the 7 continents (Praying for a student in Antarctica!!)
  • Most CCU students graduate DEBT-FREE!
  • Most CCU students graduate with a STRONGER view of SOUND DOCTRINE when they graduate from CCU!
  • Most CCU students graduate EARLY or ONTIME!

Source: Annual GSI, FSI and SEI surveys for (TRACS).

CCU offers the following scholarships to anyone accepted to the University.

  1. Anyone expressing the need for a Scholarship will be considered. Please complete a Scholarship Application after you have completed the Student Application. 
  2. All Senior Pastors and their immediate family (Wife/Son/Daughter) qualify for the 50% Scholarship and must complete the Scholarship Application.
  3. Once you are awarded a scholarship, you must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 and successfully complete at least 1 course in 4 of 9 modules per year to maintain your Scholarship

WELCOME TO CCU!  The “Best is yet to come!”

Please gather your most recent bills and expenses so they are handy and you can then complete this application in full, between 10-20 minutes.

Scholarship Application