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Transfer Credit

CCU, at the discretion of the administration, may accept and apply up to 90 credits in transfer from another college or university providing the course descriptions and grades are comparable to CCU standards. Typically, community college, undergraduate course work, and, in some instances, work experience and/or testing will be considered in the transfer credit evaluation process.

  • Please note that at least the last 25% of your credits must be completed at CCU to receive either a Certificate, Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree.
  1. Bachelor’s degree 120 credits – complete a minimum of 30 credits
  2. Master’s degree 36 credits – complete a minimum of 27 credits

Prior Experiential Credit

Prior learning experience may be substituted as credit in some instances. Credits are applied upon approval from the School Dean, which requires an application and submission of required evidence. For additional information, review the Prior Experiential Learning Policy and Evaluation Request form, or contact the Registrar’s Office.