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Basic Student Costs 2023-2024


Undergraduate Tuition $385 per credit ($1155 per course)
Graduate Tuition (Master’s & Doctorate) $449 per credit ($1347 per course)


Undergraduate Program Application Fee
$50.00 (one time)
Graduate Program Application Fee
$100 (one time)
Graduation Fee (does not include cap/gown) $250
Course Audit Fee per course (maximum of 3)  $175
Transcript Fee $7
Expedite Transcript (within 24 hours) $17
Late Payment Fee $50
Course Extension Fee (1 additional week) $75
Textbook Fees per course (approximate) $0-200
Diploma Fee
Prior Experience Credits (per course) $275
Dual Enrollment Fee (does not include textbooks and fees) $300 (per course)

Tuition Refund/Credit After the Start of Course

Total tuition liability is limited to the term during which the student withdrew or was terminated, and any previous terms completed. Refunds are subject to the time-based refund schedule below:

Length of Course Amount of Credit/Refund Given to the Student (minus applicable application fees) AFTER the start of the…
8 weeks 1st Week (Days 1-7) 80%
  2nd Week (days 8-14) 60%
  3rd Week (days 15-21) 40%
  4th-8th Week (after 21 days) 0%

 Sample Refund/Credit Calculations

  • Example 1: A student who is enrolled in BIB101 (8-week course), withdraws from CCU during week 2, the student will be refunded 60% of tuition, and CCU will retain 40% of tuition plus the registration fee. The student will be refunded $693.00 of the $1,155.00 tuition. (Exiting from CCU = Refund)
  • Example 2: A student who is enrolled in CBL261 (8-week course), withdraws during week 3, the student will be credited 40% of tuition towards next course, will retain 60% of tuition. The student will be credited $462.00 of the $1,155.00 tuition. (Withdrawing from Course = Credit on CCU student account)


Refunds will be issued within 30 days of the date of student notification, or date of school determination (withdrawn due to absences or other criteria as specified in the school handbook or catalog).

If the University cancels an educational program or course, it will offer the student the opportunity to transfer to a comparable program or course. If a student chooses not to transfer, the University will provide a refund based on the date the educational program or course is canceled.

The University may withdraw a student from the program at any time for academic reasons, or misconduct that violates the mission or vision of the University. The University shall notify the student in writing and cite reasons for withdrawal. The student shall be notified immediately upon the University’s decision. The effective date of the withdrawal will be on the letter mailed to the student.

Payment of Accounts

Students must pay tuition online through the convenient and secure payment system available on Populi, our learning management system. A link is provided on the Populi system as part of your admission process. The University invoices students for all course enrollments for a payment period, which represents one eight week period (module) of the student’s academic year. Your tuition is due and payable in full at the time of invoice.

Tuition must be paid in full by the first day of each course unless special financial arrangements have been agreed upon with the billing department. Students who choose to use the payment plan must submit 20% of the tuition for each course enrollment by the start of each module. The payment plan is available to all students.

All payments will be set up in Populi, and you will need to submit all payments through the Populi system using a credit card or check. At this time, CCU does not accept ACH payments. Students may request an interest-free payment plan using the Payment Plan Request Form, which is available on the CCU website under Student Services/Student Resources & Forms.

Other Cancellation Policy

An applicant requesting cancellation in any manner, more than 72 hours after signing an enrollment agreement and making an initial payment, but prior to the first day of a course, is entitled to a refund of all monies paid minus the application fee.

University Exit

A University Exit is canceling your enrollment for all courses and leaving the University altogether. Simply dropping courses or non-attendance does not constitute an official withdrawal. If a student decides to formally exit from the University, a student must complete the CCU University Exit Form (click the link) or the University Exit Form located on the CCU website under Student Services>Student Forms & Resources. Refunds are assessed from the date an Exit Form is received based on the chart located under “Tuition Refund/Credit After the Start of Course” section in the catalog.

Course Withdrawal Policy

A student may withdraw from a course by completing a Course Withdrawal Form, which will notify the Director of Admissions ( Check Refunds need the Refund request form filled out to notify us and confirm current mailing address. A Course Withdraw Form is also located on the CCU website under Student Services > Student Forms & Resources.

The official course withdrawal date will be the date the student submits the course withdrawal request to the Director of Admissions. A credit for tuition costs will be given to the student’s account based on the withdrawal chart located under Tuition Refund/Credit after the start of the course section.

Institutional Scholarships

To apply for institutional scholarships, use the online Request Scholarship form. Scholarships will be considered after your approval for admission and a completed Request Scholarship form has been submitted.