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Ed Arcalas 2013 Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies 
Byron Barrett Masters in Biblical Studies
Hope Belmont 2019 Biblical Counseling Certificate
Deven Berryhill Masters in Education CCU Class of 2008
Matt Burkett Master of Arts in Biblical Studies
Jessica Busboom 2019 Master of Arts in Biblical Studies
Rod Carver 1997 Biblical Studies in Leadership
Shawn Coleman 2019 Masters Biblical Leadership
Chris Colsey 2018 Doctor of Christian Education
John Dembeck 2016   Undergraduate Certificate
Karen Fisher 2016  Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education
Don Fisher 2017 Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies
Kristie Gallagher 2019 Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies
Jim Gallagher 2018 Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies
Andrea Gros Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies
Kevin Hanlon 2018   Master of Arts in Christian Education
Char Hunt Certificate of Women’s Ministry
Brandon Ingram 2019 Master of Arts in Biblical Studies
Miray Jaksa 2018 Certificate of Women’s Ministry
Lisa Latham 2016  Graduate Masters
Joe McTarsney Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies
John Nunnally 2018 Master of Arts in Biblical Studies
Mauricio Pedroza 2017 Master of Arts in Christian Education
Chris Randall 2013 Bachelor of Arts Biblical Studies
David Reynolds 2018 Master of Arts in Biblical Studies
Matt Rodriguez 2019 Masters Arts in Biblical Studies
Cameron Warner 2019 Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies
Stacy Wiggins 2018 Graduate Masters

After graduating CCU in 2019 I had come to know many amazing women and men who were serving the Lord. I had the privilege of being in course with like-minded people who inspired and impacted my life, who were set on serving the Lord and had committed to being equipped for ministry. As I have been blessed to get to know more graduates in the last few months it is evident that The Lord is working through each of the 153 CCU Alums in various callings and ministries around the world. What was on my heart for this Alumni site was to highlight what God is doing among the Alumni at CCU- the various ministries that are out there, the years of experience that some of you have, the wealth of wisdom that is there from failures & success, the resources that are out there for those new to ministry and to have a central place where iron can sharpen iron, where someone’s vision for ministry might inspire someone else to step out in faith, where each of you can be an encouragement to a fellow brother or sister. We would love to hear what the Lord is doing in your life since you graduated at CCU and how God is using you to reach those within your sphere of influence. Each one of you have been called to serve the Lord with the gifts He has given you for the equipping of the saints and the furtherance of His Kingdom. It is our desire to have a place where we can glean from each other while we serve the Lord and reach the lost. In these last days we desire by God’s Grace and with His Spirit to make those spiritual investments in the lives of others. Where has God called you to make an impact for His Kingdom? Perhaps there a specific ministry that you are passionate about which could inspire someone to pick up the baton and step out in faith. This devotion from CCU Alumni & CC Pastor Jim Gallagher really spoke to me about how we can serve the Lord together. 1 Chronicles 18:1 “After this it came to pass that David attacked the Philistines, subdued them, and took Gath and its towns from the hand of the Philistines.”“I think it is worth noting that while we read, “David attacked, David defeated or David subdued”, scripture makes it clear, he did none of these things on his own. His exploits were accompanied by both the presence of the Lord and a host of faithful men. As the chapter concludes, we read of Joab, Jehoshaphat, Zadok, Abimelech, Shavsha, Benaiah and David’s sons, all of whom served alongside the king, making this success possible. David started out as a Lone Ranger, stepping into the valley of Elah when no one else would, but as time went on, a host of others teamed with him to accomplish the work of God. This is a vivid picture of how the church works today. When ministry takes place, it usually begins in the heart of one man or woman. As he or she seeks the Lord, the calling becomes clear and they step out in faith to see what God may accomplish. As time goes on, the Lord will raise up others around him or her to assist in the work, because the work of God requires a host of different giftings and abilities. The leader must learn to give ministry away to those who choose to serve if the work is going to grow and the purposes of God completed. Not all of us are called to be David and venture into uncharted territory, some are called to be a Joab or a Zadok, who comes alongside to assist in the work of God. The key lesson is, whatever God has called us to, we want to go after with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.” Pastor Jim Gallagher | CC Vero Beach, FL | CCU Alumni – Miray Jaksa CCU Alumni President