Certificate of Youth Ministry


This program trains students for effective youth ministry by immersion into a youth camp culture, service in a variety of areas of ministry and hand-on learning of fundamental ministry philosophies and methodologies.


Students completing the Certificate in Youth Ministry program will:

  • be able to discuss and defend a personal philosophy of youth ministry that is both biblically formulated, developmentally appropriate and socially and culturally sensitive
  • possess basic people-helping skills necessary to assist youth and their families in problem solving and decision-making
  • have gained interpersonal skills for leadership in small and large group settings

Program Structure

The Youth Ministry certificate is earned concurrently with a one-year internship at YDI youth camp in Head Waters, VA. This certificate would benefit youth leaders, those working in para-church organizations, and aspiring pastors. The courses taken in the Certificate Program can be applied toward a Bachelor’s Degree.  For more information on the YDI Youth Camp at Head Waters Lodge and CCU’s Certificate of Youth Ministry, go to http://www.ydionline.org/

Course Requirements – Total 24 Credits

Course ID       Course Name                                                            Credits

CBL402          Christian Leadership                                                   3

BC201           Biblical Counseling: One on One Discipleship        3

MIN240          Evangelism in Youth Ministry                                  3

MIN241          Teaching Biblical Truth to Youth                              3

PRA333          Practical Christian Ministry                                       3

PRA333          Practical Christian Ministry                                       3

PRA333          Practical Christian Ministry                                       3

PRA333          Practical Christian Ministry                                       3

                                                             Total Credits: 24