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Similar to other biblically-based counseling degrees, the emphasis in this program consists of a study of the principles and aspects of biblical counseling. It is designed to prepare God’s people to meet counseling-related needs by the power of the Holy Spirit. This program instructs students how to understand and apply God’s Word with skill, integrity, authority, and compassion.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who earn the Certificate in Biblical Counseling will:

  • Be equipped with an introduction to biblical principles, concepts and techniques for
  • meeting the counseling needs wherever they exist, especially in the local church.
  • Know and understand fundamental principles of appropriate interpretation and application of Scripture in ministering to people.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this certificate, the student will:

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of biblical principles, concepts, and techniques to address counseling needs in the Body of Christ. 
  • Develop an understanding of fundamental principles of appropriate interpretation and application in a counseling setting.

Program Structure

This Certificate in Biblical Counseling is 24 credits. Students must complete specified Biblical Counseling courses to earn the Certificate in Biblical Counseling. Courses in the Certificate in Biblical Counseling may be completed in any order. The method of instruction is 100% online, asynchronous format with video conferencing.

Course Requirements

Course ID

Course Name


BC201 Biblical Counseling 3
BC212 A Theology of Counseling 3
BC213 Methods of Biblical Change 3
BC214 Marriage and Family Counseling 3
BC215 Christian Living 3
BC216 Psychology Contrasted with the Bible 3
BC217 Hermeneutics of Biblical Counseling 3
THE402 Biblical Theology 3
Total Credits: 24

Note: The institution does not offer any programs that lead to professional licensure. A graduate of programs offered at CCU is not eligible to sit for licensure exams within the United States.