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The Certificate in Church planting incorporates expertise in the field of Church planting from a compilation of faculty members that have had extensive experience in the international and domestic church planting. This certificate does not aim to outline a single structure for church planting but rather seeks to bring a biblical understanding for the theory of church planting as well as different methodologies associated with the topic.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students are equipped with an introduction to a biblical understanding of church planting, and knowledge of different methodologies associated with church planting. Students know, understand, and apply fundamental principles of church planting from the Book of Acts.

Program Structure

The Program is made up of 8 courses. The courses taken in the Certificate Program can be applied toward a Bachelor’s Degree.

Course Requirements

Course ID

Course Name


MIN201 Church Planting in the Book of Acts 3
MIN202 New Testament Church Planting Networks 3
MIN203 The Office, Calling and Character of the Church Planter 3
MIN204 Core Team Building and Development 3
MIN205 Cultural Assessment and Missiological Approaches 3
MIN206 Church Planting Models: Biblical, Historical, and Contemporary 3
MIN207 Evangelism and Preaching in the Church Planting Context 3
MIN208 Pitfalls, Challenges, and Omissions in Church Planting 3

Total Credits: 24