The certificate program is a fully online program that allows students to take classes according to a specific interest. While being trained with a specific skill set, the certificate program may then be converted to a bachelors program if the student wants to pursue a college diploma.

Note: The institution does not offer any programs that lead to professional licensure. A graduate of programs offered at CCU is not eligible to sit for licensure exams within the United States.”


The certificate program equips students with the skills and knowledge needed for a specific area of study.

Program Learning Outcomes

Program learning outcomes are clearly defined, established, and measurable in the statements outlined below. The certificate program will equip the student with practical skills and deep understanding of the content taught from a Biblical Worldview.  The student will develop exceptional written and oral communication skills that will benefit both personally and professionally. Program learning outcomes include the following.

The student will:


  • Analyze educational content by conducting research and integrating a Biblical worldview into assignments throughout the program.


  • Demonstrate course competency by reading assigned literature, writing assigned papers, and presenting to appropriate audiences.
  • Demonstrate understanding of content through completing assignments and being a responsive learner.


  • Create a Christ-like educational environment by working as unto the Lord.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning by reading and researching beyond the stated assignment.
  • Collaborate with other learners….collaborative feedback

Collaborate with other learners by providing substantive comments and additional questions that increase critical thinking on discussion boards and offering collaborative feedback.

Program Structure

The certificate program consists of 24 credits taken from a choice of 6 specializations. Courses in the Certificate may be completed in any order and the method of instruction is 100% online following an asynchronous format.


Specializations Offered

Certificate Specializations
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Biblical Knowledge
Biblical Leadership
Christian Education
Biblical Counseling
Women’s Ministry
Youth Ministry


  • All courses in the Certificate program are undergraduate level.