Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies, Women's Ministry Specialization

Specialization Learning Outcomes

In addition to General Education and Biblical Studies outcomes, those deriving from a specialization in Women’s Ministry include understanding the role of gender through an examination of its significance in ministering to women. These understandings are applied practically in personal experience.

Program Structure

To complete a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies with a major concentration of studies in Women’s Ministry, students complete the 24 credit hours listed below in addition to general education and Biblical Studies requirements.

General Education Requirements

Course ID

Course Name


BIB101 Introduction to the Old Testament 3
BIB102 Introduction to the New Testament 3
BIO102 Science and the Bible 3
ENG101 Grammar & Composition 3
HIS111 Church History 3
MATH111 College Mathematics 3
APO212  World Religions  3
HIS102 American Foundations  3
COM101 Principles of Speech 3
THE220 Christian Ethics 3
ART101 Survey of the Fine Arts 3
PHIL101 Philosophy 3
  Electives* 24
Total Credits: 60

Bible and Specialization Course Requirements

Course ID

Course Name


APO201 Introduction to Apologetics 3
THE201 Principles of Faith 3
THE219 Biblical Interpretation 3
THE301 Doctrine of the Bible 3
BIB203 The Gospels 3
BIB204 Genesis 3
BIB205 Hebrews 3
BIB206 Isaiah  3
BIB235 Daniel / Revelation 3
BIB271 Acts 3
BIB274 Romans 3
MIN301 Christian Missions  3
BC355 Women’s Issues in Counseling 3
COM311 The Art of Teaching Women  3
MIN211 MIN301 Discovering, Discerning & Developing Spiritual Gifts Serving to the Fullest 3 3
MIN312 Develop Effective Women’s Ministry 3
MIN314 Leadership in Women’s Ministry 3
MIN324 Cross-Cultural Sensitivity 3
MIN325 Keeper of the Home 3
MIN389 Media Arts & Technology in Ministry 3
Total Credits: 60
Course Requirements – Total Credits: 120

*Students may select any 3-credit undergraduate courses offered at Calvary Chapel University in fulfillment of the electives requirement.

Competency Assessment

Applicant’s skills and competencies to succeed in a distance education environment are assessed prior to acceptance via official transcripts, the online application, and required admission materials including a personal testimony to determine spiritual readiness.

Online Instructional Methods

Courses are disseminated 100% online through This program will use instructional methods such as, but not limited to: video lectures, reading and writing assignments, discussion boards, quizzes, and tests.

Online Grading Practices

Final tests or examinations are course specific and assessed with a rubric. Passing grades are determined by each instructor and stated in the course syllabus. Within 48 hours of submitting assignments, work is evaluated and a grade is posted in the online course grade book. Students have access to view their personal grades at any time. There is no mailing of institutional responses or evaluations of students’ work. All grading and communication with students is conducted within Populi, the online operating system.

Graduation Requirements

CCU awards a diploma to students who are in good standing upon the satisfactory completion of all degree requirements, as listed in the University Catalog for the year during which the student first enrolled.

To be eligible for a diploma, a student must:

  • Complete the approved program  through Calvary Chapel University
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00
  • Meet all University financial obligations.

Note: No grade below a C- will be applied toward a degree program at Calvary Chapel University. Please submit a Graduation Application to the Registrar’s Office at the beginning of the final semester. In order for you to receive your diploma all financial obligations must be met.