Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education - Elementary Specialization

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education

Elementary Specialization Courses

Course ID

Course Name


CBL202 Introduction to Christian Leadership 3
ED228 Elementary Curriculum – 2021 3
ED243 Elementary Reading Instruction 3
ED251 Elementary Math Instruction 3
ED255 Elementary Science Instruction 3
ED258 Elementary Language Instruction 3
ED261 Elementary History Instruction 3
PRA488 Student Teaching Practicum III 3
Specialization Total Credits 30

Specialization Learning Outcomes

In addition to the B.A.C.E. General Education and Core Requirement Outcomes, graduates of the Elementary specialization will be able to:

  • Integrate the Bible into the educational arena and present the Gospel to students using the content areas
  • Teach from a Christian philosophy of education and challenge students to think critically, discern Biblically, and learn reflectively.  
  • Design and develop a curriculum that not only trains the brain but reaches the heart and challenges the hands and feet to do the work of God.  
  • Understand the process of education from a theoretical perspective and practice the art of education from a practical perspective.