Director of Library and Learning Resources

Jody has an undergraduate degree in Sociology, having attended SUNY Oswego but ultimately graduating from Madonna University. It was while in Michigan that the Lord grabbed Jody’s heart, where she also pursued her interest in books and learning by becoming a book buyer for a chain of Christian bookstores. She then enrolled in Library school at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and earned a Masters Degree in Library Science.
After having worked in corporate, public and academic libraries, Jody served in Christian education at Salisbury Christian School in Maryland as the Director of Libraries and Technology. She has also been an adjunct professor and part-time Librarian at a community college. Presently, in addition to work for CCU, she is a Library Media Specialist for a multicultural school in the Baltimore County Public Schools. Jody is enthusiastic about the study of the Bible, and its context, and how that applies to the present-day church. Her family includes her husband, Brian, three adult children, and assorted animals. She and Brian love to travel and revel in the wonders of God around the world.