Dr. Carolyn Eckert

Carolyn Eckert is the Jr./Sr. High School Vice Principal of Academics at Calvary Christian Academy in Philadelphia. Carolyn earned a B.S. in Elementary Education & B.S. in Bible at Philadelphia College of Bible, M.Ed. in Educational Technology at Rosemont College, and Ed.D. in School Administration at Calvary Chapel University. She has worked as a classroom teacher at CCA for seven years in a variety of middle school settings before becoming a vice principal. Carolyn has served as CCA’s vice principal for 19 years. A significant component of her job responsibilities at CCA is oversight of curriculum, scheduling, and accreditation. Carolyn works collaboratively with her teachers to make sure that their course descriptions and curriculum guides clearly express the school’s mission and objectives and are in line with accreditation standards. In her free time, Carolyn likes to write, run, and read, but never all three at the same time. She has two parents, three brothers, three sister-in-laws, and nieces and nephews that she adores.

Reflections of a Mind Dweller: How I Found God in the Middle of My Worries and Fears Kindle Editionby Carolyn Eckert (Author)  Format: Kindle Edition