Adjunct Faculty

When Rick Martin graduated from high school in 1985, he wanted to discover how well he would enjoy teaching so he volunteered as a teacher aide in a head start program for a year in New York City. A year after this assignment, Rick enrolled as an education major at Eastern Mennonite University and graduated in 1990 with his certification to teach K-8th grade.

After teaching two years and being trained for church leadership, Rick and his wife Annette responded to a call to lead a church plant in Versailles MO. As a bi-vocational pastor and 3rd grade public school teacher, Rick came to understand the importance of Christian education as he observed his students facing cultural challenges before they were developmentally ready. Seeing the decline of morality among students within his courseroom, Rick developed a conviction for Christian education that would eventually grow into a commitment to build partnerships between the home, school, and church as a strategy to strengthen the spiritual, moral, academic, and relational foundation students need today.

In 1998 Rick was invited to join the pastoral staff at Cornerstone Church located in VA. His primary role was to lead the church’s Christian school and provide a liaison between the church and school staff. He began to pursue formal training for educational leadership and obtained his M.Ed. in school administration from Columbia International University (CIU) in 2003. Four years later, he enrolled in CIU’s doctoral program for educational leadership and graduated May 2015.
Over the past 17 years, Rick has learned principles of biblical leadership, educational philosophy, behavior management, staff development, mission and vision advancement, and emotional health to enhance his understanding of leadership. His relationship with God, along with the skills acquired from experience and education provide the structure needed to function as an educational leader for Christian schools.