Aloha! Education is one of my greatest passions. Be it a traditional degree, vocational study, or on-the-job training, I wholeheartedly believe in lifelong learning. What a privilege to have the freedom to partner and teach with Calvary Chapel University. And it’s a blessing to come alongside students and see how God will use their academic journey.

I was born and raised in Hawaiʻi. Now, with three boys, my husband and I get to bring them up in the islands too. When our family has a free moment, we often find ourselves at the beach to catch waves or explore the tidepools. It is a humbling opportunity to parent for Christ as I think He hopes to shape us just as much as He’s given us the responsibility to raise our children. So as beautiful as Hawaiʻi is, we aim to raise our sons to be Heaven-minded and mission-oriented. And it is a daily reminder for us to stay focused on the main thing–Christ.