Valerie Hall

Dr. Hall was a university professor in Indiana for 18 years. During that time, she taught undergraduate and graduate courses in reading, language arts, and children’s literature for elementary preservice teachers. For each of those courses, she supervised a practicum in the schools. She also taught an introduction to exceptional needs and content reading for secondary preservice teachers. In addition to her teaching, she coordinated student teaching.

As a professor on tenure track, she presented at conferences and published in professional journals until she became a full professor. During this time, she used her school breaks to work with missionaries in schools in Haiti, Puerto Rico, Panama, Nicaragua, Mexico, Chile, and Peru. Before she earned her doctorate and began her university teaching, she taught elementary and worked with homeschooling families. After moving to Florida, she taught high school English at Calvary Christian Academy for one year. Then she went with a group of teachers from CCA to be the ESE Specialist at a startup charter school in Pompano Beach. The last three years she was the Academic Dean at Trinity Christian Academy in Lake Worth, Florida.

She began working with Calvary Chapel University when she was teaching at CCA. She worked on curriculum for three years before CCU moved its onsite location, and Dr. Hall moved north of Ft. Lauderdale. She is excited to again be working with CCU in academics. It is amazing how God has worked to develop CCU into the exciting and impactful university that it is today.

Professional Journal Publications:

*Hall, V., & Pierson, V. (2012). Service learning for elementary school candidates in an alternative high school. Indiana Reading Journal, 44(2), 26-29.

*Hall, V. (2011). Manipulatives, motivation, and multiculturalism. Indiana Reading Journal, 43(2), 19-21.

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Publication of Christian Life Club, curriculum for children’s programs in church. I wrote some components, edited some, and assisted through the publishing process with Light and Life Communications.

Jan. 2005 – Chapel Moments book 6, wrote

Nov. 2001 – Chapel Moments book 3, wrote

Jun. 2000 – Director’s Guide, wrote and edited

May 2000 – PathFinder (1st & 2nd grades) Activity Book, edited recreation & crafts

May 2000 – TrailBlazer (3rd & 4th grades) Activity Book, edited recreation & crafts

May 2000 – PaceSetter (5th & 6th grades) Activity Book, edited recreation & crafts

May 2000 – catalog of books and supplies, wrote and edited