Adjunct Faculty

Jeffery Martin

Since August 2020, I have been serving as the Executive Director of Meno Life, a Residential Recovery Program. I also have recently graduated with a Masters in Human Services / Addiction Counseling from Regent University.

I am passionate about creating the physical, emotional, and spiritual space needed for men and women to overcome any or all obstacles keeping them from maturing into the people they have been created by God to be – fruitful and free. I believe a powerful yet simple way to accomplish this is by establishing residential communities in which like-minded people are forced to use tools and to practice the life-skills needed for this fruitful and free life. Becoming fluent in the use of authenticity, humility, confession, etc. as tools for growth and maturity is the goal in this type of space. Learning to pay attention to yourself through a biopsychosocial lens is the best way to move out of our particular pathologies and disorders and into the “more than enough” life we all so desperately desire. This excites me and this is what I am preparing myself for.

In addition, I am certified as a life coach, experienced as a pastor, equipped with a Bachelors degree in Graphic Design, I bring an unusual spectrum of knowledge and experiences whether working with an individual, a team or an organization. As a founder of both a graphic design company and a church, I’m intimately familiar with what it takes to get something started and am at ease helping others do the same even when all the pieces have yet to be discovered.

I am a good communicator in a variety of formats including public speaking, small group facilitation, one-on-one, and visually (through the use of sound graphic design and typography principles).

I believe people can do far more together than they ever can alone. I believe every conversation has the potential to be transformational. I believe helping a person discover the answer to a problem is far more helpful than telling a person the answer, that a discovered answer lasts for a life time while a told answer is quickly forgotten.

I am passionate about communicating what seems complicated in powerfully simple ways.