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When you attend our Online Christian Montana Bible College you receive a quality, affordable Christian education. We want to help you no matter what your educational goal is. At Calvary Chapel Montana University we make it possible to find the perfect program for you.

Calvary Chapel Montana University is a Biblical college that offers online courses. We offer different types of courses, such as masters of divinity, bachelor of arts in biblical studies, and more. Our Online Montana Biblical College is a place you can earn an education and develop a relationship with God. We offer students a new way to learn about God and His word at their own pace. Our commitment to teaching through Scripture and leading students to a personal relationship with Jesus is unparalleled.

Does Calvary Chapel Bible College Offer A Montana Christian University?

Yes, Calvary Chapel Bible College is one of the most recognized colleges in Montana and offers many types of help in Montana Christian University online Bible course is designed to equip you with the tools you need to be a successful student of God’s Word. Unlike other Bible colleges, Calvary Chapel University provides an affordable degree that offers the same courses, professors and curriculum as a Montana Bible college. Calvary Chapel Bible College is an online Bible college just like a Montana Bible college. We offer a wide range of online Bible instruction for anyone interested in gaining a solid foundation in God’s word and who is committed to living the Christian life.

Does A Montana Christian University Do The Same Thing As An Online Christian University?

Montana Christian University is a private nonprofit university in Billings, Montana. It is affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and focuses on four core values: service, moral courage, integrity and never stopping learning. The school provides instruction in a wide variety of disciplines including liberal arts and sciences, business administration and secondary education.

Online Christian University offers a similar Christian-based curriculum to what you would get from an online university, but with a greater community feel and access to our professors. Online Christian University was founded by a group of Christians with a mission to provide quality education for students around the world.

Why Choose A Montana Christian University?

Montana Christian University is a private university that offers students opportunities for success. The University offers students access to world-course faculty and teaching, small course sizes and personalized attention, a vibrant campus life, and over 200 undergraduate and graduate degree programs to choose from. This Montana Christian University is not your ordinary university. It’s a place where you don’t have to sacrifice your values to get ahead. You learn biblical principles that have changed the world. You get an education that has helped shape great leaders and ministries. You become a blessing to others with a degree from Calvary Chapel University in MT. We have the highest graduation rate in Montana and are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Is  Montana Christian University governed by Online Christian College and Christian Degrees?

Calvary Chapel University is home to a growing number of online students and programs. Calvary Chapel University provides students with the opportunity to graduate with an accredited degree at a fraction of the cost. Online Christian College is a faith-based institution that has closely followed God’s teachings for the past nineteen decades. From our very beginning to our current day, we have been teaching the principles of the Bible and Christian values. CMSU offers online Christian courses, online Christian Degrees and many online resources to help you succeed in your life. We’re online, affordable, and accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Whether you’re looking for a Christian education or want to make a career change, we offer affordable degrees plus flexible scheduling that fits your lifestyle.

How Come A Montana Christian University Is Provided By An Online Christian University?

A Montana Christian University is provided by an online university. Montanans in the United States struggle with the transition from a younger, single-parent family structure to the more traditional two-parent family structure expected today. However, with the help of Montana Christian University, this transition has become easier and more affordable for students. Now is your chance to be aware of an online Christian university that is owned by Montanan. You can be a part of the future of this university and be a part of the Calvary Chapel University family. Our Online Christian University and grandparents built a great legacy in America. And we believe the best way to protect and preserve that legacy is to provide an option for students to get the same quality education at an affordable price.