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At CCU, we believe that those attending the school have been called by God to be here.  We believe that CCU is a unique online school that educates students standing on these three pillars: 1. Simply Jesus 2. Superior Academics 3. Servant Leadership.  Below are testimonials from current CCU students, alumni, administration, board members, faculty and staff.  Each of these people also serve in their local churches sharing the love and hope we have in Jesus Christ!  Our desire is that these stories will help you in your choice for higher education.

Byron Barrett

Ever since I found out about CCU I have been excited for what God is going to be doing with the school.  Things like training the future generation to engage the world with a Biblical / Kingdom agenda. To be further equipped to do ministry both inside and outside the walls of the church. Of course, let’s not forget the obvious, drawing closer to God on a personal level. For those of us who pay for the credit, a degree. Papers in Asia, go a long way. That is one reason why I started HU those papers helped me process my Hong Kong work permit.

I am looking forward to seeing and being involved with what God is doing with CCU. Believing and trusting God along side of the team that HE is going to be doing exceedingly abundantly all that CCU can ask or think. Being a student at CCU I feel that I am part of something bigger than just getting a degree. God is going to be making history with CCU and impacting the world with His agenda and I am a part of it, that is where my heart and excitement comes from. I am honored to be a student at CCU.  In other words, I have a big heart for CCU and continue to pray for more doors to be opened. I am waiting to celebrate at the full approval for TRACS.  I see God doing mighty and great things with CCU. I see stability there, I see CCU being used in small and great ways. I can see CCU being placed in a position where they are able to influence the academic world with the love, grace and influence that comes from the father.

Missionary – North Park Christian Fellowship

Assistant Director of  a Children’s ministry in an “international Church in Hong Kong”

Carolyn Eckert

CCU gave me more than an education, it gave me a true understanding of biblical integration. In my past learning experiences at Christian schools and universities, I was blessed to have received a solid education provided by men and women who loved the Lord. I was provided academic courses and Bible courses that expanded my understanding of God’s creation. While CCU provides this same solid, Christian education, they do so from a God-centric teaching model. God is the filter through which all learning is sifted through. The Bible is not an add-on text but is just as principal a textbook for each course as the textbooks that mirror the course’s title. While the research of men and women on the principles of any given curriculum are important to our learning, the wisdom of God given to us through Scripture is paramount to our understanding. CCU believes this and CCU provides this type of learning environment. As a doctoral student who had been through undergraduate and graduate learning, this style of learning spoke to me on a much more personal level and made experience richer and more robust. Soon after the completion of my doctoral degree, I was able to join the CCU faculty and “pay it forward” by thoughtfully and prayerfully providing my students with the same God-centric learning opportunities.

Dr. Carolyn J. Eckert

Vice Principal

Calvary Christian Academy – Calvary Chapel Philadelphia

James Sexton

I had been retired for about a year, when I attended a Pastors and Leaders Conference. During the conference, I strongly sensed God calling me to teach. Shortly after that, I enrolled in CCU. It was the right thing to do to prepare me to teach. I believe I am right where God wants me to be.

Just a few months later, I enrolled in the Bible Interpretation course, and was so excited, looking forward to increasing my skills in interpretation. I expressed my excitement to my pastor. Shortly after that, he contacted me on a Tuesday morning, the first week of January 2016. This was the first week of the course. He was ill, and asked if I could teach the following evening at our Wednesday Bible study! I was petrified, but I agreed to do it. I spent as many hours as I could over that day and Wednesday morning, getting a teaching together.

That was just the beginning of God using me to teach the Word. He has called me to do just that, and I now have regular opportunities to teach. What I am learning through CCU is equipping me to teach, working toward excellence in teaching. I am currently a senior in the B.A. in Biblical Studies track. I teach regularly, and occasionally fill in for our senior pastor. I am also now an assistant pastor. In addition, I occasionally do counseling. I could not do this without the preparation I have received through CCU. I am so grateful for the staff and instructors at CCU, who have given me much direction and encouragement. Thank you!

James “Randy” Sexton

Assistant Pastor – Calvary Chapel of the White Mountains

Lakeside, AZ


Gabriel Bruno

I have always been drawn to Calvary Chapels. From when I was a kid and went to horizon with Mike Macintosh and Miles Mc Pherson. To a sober living in La Mesa Ca when I was getting clean of the bad addiction to meth from I started at age 11. When I lived through my stroke last year and we started going back to church then God leading me to our youth ministry of our church Orchard Church of Brighton Co. I keep praying on what he wanted me to do, he keep opening doors at our church. So I looked into school and our youth pastor Ryan Singleton actually graduated from CCU and he gifted me his 50 percent off tuition and I pick a certificate in youth ministry. I believe I have been called to be a youth pastor and make disciples that make disciples. My calling is also to want to work with teens addicted to drugs. I recently beat an addiction to pain killers that I was battling for years. I just feel like if I could beat meth and heroin and 18 years later beat pain pills I can possibly save a kid or two. I just want to lead kids to the lord and make it fun love him. Also to show kids drugs are not the way. There’s a whole other world. I had to step down from being a leader at church to fight my addiction I am going to meet with our youth pastor towards the end of February to hopefully God willing come back. I never brought my addiction to our church or kids so I believe God has plans. I was told I don’t need a degree or a certificate to be a pastor at our church but I believed I need some more knowledge of making disciple so here I am. If you ever want to hear my whole test just ask. I have made two nurses recently cry because of my life and struggles I have overcome only by the grace of God and with his help. They both told me to write a book. I love our school and my teacher so far. He is a great professor and will tell it like it is. Great Job Josh. Thank you for reading a little this bit of my life. All glory to God .  Hebrews 13:2 I live by.

Cary Henderson 

In sharing my heart for CCU there are a few thoughts I would like to share.  For starters, the education is amazing.  God has really poured into me over the last several years, and that was because there was a tool in His hands; CCU.  I have learned so much, and that goes way beyond academics.  I love the academics!  CCU has some fantastic pastors and teachers, and they put so much into what we learn.  Awesome!  Another thing I gained from my time at CCU was spiritual depth, with guidance.  That may sound just like what I was saying about the academics, but it is different.  The course and instructor interaction is a wonderful part of this school.  Being challenged about what we believe, both by instructors and each other, is so vital to sharing the truth.  Learning to care for each other in course, in a very short amount of time, is vital to ministry.  This brings me to the next thing I would like to share.

While at CCU I lost my mother to cancer, had a dad in a rehab facility, and experienced a daughter going through a violent divorce.  It seemed like God facilitated each course that I was taking and ministered to me through what we were learning at that moment.  He used the prayers and even phone calls from students and staff to encourage and bless me.  I cannot describe how blessed I am to have had that care in my life while all of that was happening.  Those lessons are the ones I am carrying into the ministry I’m involved in.

I currently serve in a street ministry called, “The Living Room”.  This is a street ministry in the very worst part of our city, and is surrounded by violence, addiction and everything else one imagines that goes with that.  Jesus is needed in this community.  We teach God’s Word, one book at a time, one chapter at a time, and we teach Jesus Christ!  Some nights we feed, some we give food, but three nights a week, we share Jesus through God’s Word.  I teach on Wednesday nights, and this has opened the opportunity, through the ministry, to also teach Bible studies at two long term care facilities, and a small group.  CCU has definitely given me so much, and God is using what I have learned on the streets to reach the lost.  Praise God for CCU!

Jose Garcia

I am thankful to Jesus Christ for allowing CCU and CCBC, to come together in the unity of spirit and bond of peace.  This opportunity to be able to complete online courses towards a biblical counseling degree has been an amazing and great undertaking.  I am loving the course material, professors on staff, admin team, and the teaching assistants willingness to help with any questions.  I am especially grateful to God and CCU for the Pastor’s family and friends 50% tuition discount, which will enable me to be continuously enrolled financially throughtout my schooling.  I am able to witness at an even greater level and with more ease at my workplace.  It has definitely heightened my awareness to be a good steward, servant, and light for Christ with each passing day.  I am eager to share with my co-workers at how my courses are progressing,  and what joys and answered prayers God is accomplishing in my life.  To God be the glory, forever, and ever. AMEN!

My home church is Calvary Mountain View Church in American Fork Utah.  It is a church plant from Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa back in 1990.  I do not serve on staff, but i do serve on the church building and grounds staff as needed.  I also have a servants heart for at risk youth, as i was raised in orphanages and the foster care system.  I serve 2 Sundays a month at Slate Canyon youth detention center in Provo Utah, bringing Gods Word and worship to this full security facility.  We are able to preach of  Gods love, grace, mercy, redemption plan, Salvation, forgiveness, and unchanging, immutable character.  Amen.  Praise God! 

Dave Rolph

“I’m really excited about the progress that is being made with CCU”

Calvary Chapel Pacific Hills – Senior Pastor

Jeff Christianson

CCU Biblical Counseling Instructor and Senior Pastor – Calvary Chapel Glenwood Spring

David Guzik

Director, Enduring Word – Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara – Teaching Pastor

Kathy Morales

CCU Women’s Ministry Director, Ministry Director at Calvary Chapel Lone Mountain, Las Vegas NV

Chuck Allers

CCU Instructor, Pastor – The Branch Church, San Diego

Jason Falzarano

CCU Dean of Biblical Studies, Director of Northeast Biblical Institute, pastor Calvary Chapel Old Bridge, NJ

Rick Martin

CCU Dean of Christian Education – Director of Heartwork At School

Vern Czeluzniak

CCU Instructor – School of Education